LocalPigeon flies into Milan, Italy on Wednesday, February 24 and returns to the states on Wednesday, March 2. From the moment they land, LocalPigeon begins to take thoughtful photos and video clips meant to add valuable layers to original stories about Shamballa.

LocalPigeon captures events as they unfold in their purest elements. As Larry Sands, family, friends and staff arrive for MIDO, the focus lends itself to Larry's artful direction. 

Local Pigeon agrees to design, produce and distribute original stories using: video, articles, photo albums and music. Larry Sands has final edit on media relating to: Shamballa, Larry Sands, his family and friends. 


  • Discreet and professional at all times
  • Prepare compelling media projects for Shamballa
  • Larry Sands has final edit
  • Approved media projects about Shamballa distributed throughout DailyOptician network
  • Copies of original media files -- including both digital photography and video clips mailed to Shamballa for personal and commercial use

As a published writer and speaker, Tim is an ABO certified optician who loves to collaborate with other professionals to share innovation and best practices. While connecting leaders of the optical industry through DailyOptician, Tim has a better pulse of how optical professionals can learn and grow from one another.


With a passion for creative digital photography, videography and live streaming, Ashley has a knack for capturing the right moments at the right time. Whether it’s documenting special moments (weddings, engagements, newborn photos, commercial images and more) or live-streaming can’t-miss events, Ashley is there to convert any event into a lasting, spectacular memory.


Developing unique ideas and connecting people through multiple media channels is how Peter leads best. He wears many hats: creative strategist, concept curator and social wingman. Inspiring the voices of local and independent professionals, Peter designs space for individuals to be heard and appreciated.