Life is better with a wingman.

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Having someone take endless photos and video clips of you throughout the year might seem like a terrible idea. However, having quality content at the right time can alter a family's fortune and establish a brand's identity. 


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We innovate tirelessly to capture your best moments naturally. Our specialty is the media arts: video, photography, web design, app design, social media, SEO and graphic design. Any industry, any size business will do.

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What is a social wingman?

A wingman successfully illustrates your life and business. In a typical week they might: launch a web site, design an app, back up images in the cloud, capture video during a performance and share beautiful photography on Instagram.

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Content carrier

Social can be complicated. It's helpful when your media is correctly: captured, produced, organized, published, shared and stored. Good media stock opens up endless opportunities to shape your desired narrative and validate with social proof.

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Moments are made

The spirit of LocalPigeon lives in small towns with WiFi and dark coffee. Working with media all day everyday is our life and we could not imagine doing anything else. 


We remove stress from content creation. Live in the moment. We'll capture it for you.

— LocalPigeon

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Brand Specialists

Directing HastingsNow and DailyOptician allows us to  understand storytelling from both local and global perspectives. It's a very exciting time to be working in this space.