Merry Christmas Mom & Dad!

Merry Christmas Mom & Dad! 
I've decided to put together a gallery of the time spent together over the years with family. Think of it as your online photo album...through my eyes! This is what you two have created and we (speaking for the boys as well) are forever grateful to you both! Thank you for the love and support you have given and continue to give. I hope you enjoy the memories and I look forward to capturing many more!
I love you,
Merry Christmas,


Photo 1 was taken at on Dad's birthday 2012, Steve Dayton's first wedding in Cottage Grove, MN
Photo 2 was taken at Nolee & Andee's baptism in Miesville, MN
Photo 3 was taken at your house before the wedding by Gary Hanson
Photo 4 was taken maybe 2013ish. That was the day dad was informed he was no longar able to drink...more pics to follow of that evening.