LocalPigeon #NYC

Passed this pigeon as we left our  Airbnb  towards the airport.

Passed this pigeon as we left our Airbnb towards the airport.

Love New York! People are incredible. Love pizza? We had a great experience at Uncle Mario's Brick Oven Pizza located on 9th Ave.

The first night end up staying out till 3a hanging with Sean Tillmann in Brooklyn celebrating his album release. Partying with Dad and Har Mar a couple weeks from his 70th birthday. Har Mar Superstar is my hero.

Felt very honored for Ash and I to be invited Thursday night and attended the very elegant ZEISS Stages World Premiere of “SEEING!”. Took photos of ZEISS team members, Neal deGrasse Tyson and the incredibly tasty food they served.

Peggy let us demo the upcoming ZEISS ExoLens. Our iPhone Plus captured beautiful images and Facebook live video stream proved a solid experience with endless online engagement options (embedded below).

Friday night, after more live video interviews at Vision Expo East, attended parties with Europa, Barton Perreira and Loft LV.

Up early Saturday morning to edit and publish photos from Europa's party. In the afternoon we continued to interview and produce live video.

Spent Sunday interviewing designers and executives from optical industry. Afterwards we celebrate by eating at Carnegie Deli with late night drinks at Broadway Lounge in Times Square.

Monday morning we welcomed bright warm sunlight. We walked back towards Times Square to get some LOVE and visit St. Patrick's Cathedral. We bumped into Rockefeller Plaza and ended up in the observation deck on Top of the Rock.

Following the best-street-food-ever we check out of the Airbnb and head to the airport via our friendly Uber driver. After running into the very nice people at OGi Eyewear we enjoy a delicious Bloody Mary and chaser before heading home with Delta.