Summer's gone, I have come home

Directed by David Terranova, founder and creative director, FALKOHAUS. Learn about Nina Kraviz.

With Ghetto Kraviz for example, I wanted something raw because I was a little bit angry at the time. I was singing ‘Summer’s gone I have come home, summer’s gone I have come home. Spring- ding down the stroke, spring- ding’ at the same time as singing ‘Do you need else what? Do you need?’ It’s all about a moment of your life when you face something very crucial and factual, and that fact is so tough that it is probably going to drastically change something in you. You were still a child with a naive outlook, but then after this strange moment it’s like the system doesn’t work the way it used to work. There was summer and now it’s gone forever. You have come home to and are now struggling with a new reality…