5 Local Strategies for Independent Opticals #DailyOptician

We track social media behavior from small businesses across dozens of industries.
Independent opticals might consider focusing on five key areas to succeed locally.


  • It's nice working with reliable people. 
  • One small way to show potential customers you care is to maintain open communication regarding your availability.
  • Randomly arriving late and leaving early invites unnecessary competition.
  • Developing a successful local brand is about routinely pleasing your customers, under promising and over-delivering.
  • Customers expect independent opticals offering boutique prices to deliver exceptional value.
  • It's imperative small business owners successfully manage their brand story.
  • Thoughtful communication leaves a lasting impression of good things to come. 

* Focus on offering your customers an experience ten times better than your less expensive competition down the road.


  • The cost of doing business today is understanding how to connect and grow your virtual reach.
  • Why? Because people stare at their smart phones - all day, all night. 
  • Deliver brand messages where your customers spend time online.
  • Contribute valuable pictures, thoughtful video and inspiring words -- people appreciate quality content.
  • Employ a professional that understands how to make people happy.
  • It's important your online identity is accurately reflected in your: website, app, emails and social networks.

* Keep it classy.


  • Successful entrepreneurs maintain a healthy balance between personal and business.
  • There are responsible ways to conduct social experiments aimed at boosting productivity.
  • It's important to understand the concept of failing fast and failing better when it comes to learning new technology.
  • It's critical to receive buy-in from individual family members based on mutual respect.
  • Family is defined a million different ways and some are much more supportive than others.
  • The most successful entrepreneurs have stellar inner-circles.

* Guide your business to a beautiful place by surrounding yourself with positive people and experienced mentors.

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  • Brands are publicly critiqued at every turn.
  • This pressure to scale socially is raw, emotional and intense.
  • As small businesses increasingly become more transparent they benefit from having a sturdy framework of policies and procedures.
  • We recommend designing employees into the social fabric -- simultaneously empowering them to brand themselves.
  • When in doubt, focus on low risk solutions with a pleasant upside.
  • We still see business leaders taking pride in having zero social media presence. 
  • It worries us when we see vulnerable opticals.
  • Words, pictures, videos can reach thousands of people within seconds. 
  • We see how easy it might be for the public to unfairly judge a business from a single incident.
  • It's critical for small businesses to demonstrate social proof.

* Defend and protect your brand assets by capturing and documenting goodwill. 


  • There is an infinite number of reasons to throw in the towel and call it quits. 
  • Each hard-fought battle builds character.
  • A common characteristic shared among victors is perseverance. 
  • Small businesses have survived: catastrophic storms, complete staff abandonment, major theft, lawsuits, sudden death, product & service disruptions and financial ruin. 
  • Winners find a way to get things done.
  • Plain and simple.

* Exceptional leaders view every moment as an opportunity to love, learn and grow.


-- Thank you for thinking of us Jamie!

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